The NextSling®
Your All-In-One Backpack
Shoulder Sling

The NextSling® is the all-in-one backpack shoulder sling designed by medical experts to immobilize the shoulder, eliminate the strain on the neck, and distribute the weight of an injured limb for improved patient recovery, rehabilitation, comfort, and ease of use. How easy is the NextSling to use; simply slip it over your head, adjust, and start recovering.

“The NextSling has changed the way I think about rehab and recovery. I was in constant pain with my initial sling because no matter what I did, I could not keep my shoulder still and had constant neck strain. Two days after surgery, I switched to the NextSling and my pain was immediately relieved and I was able to sleep better. The NextSling ensured my shoulder was still, eliminated the strain on my neck, and made me all around more comfortable. I whole heartedly believe that I owe much of my initial rehab success to the NextSling.

With everything that goes into shoulder surgery, I can’t believe how much impact and improvement a shoulder sling can make. Thank you so much NextSling for creating a product that improves patients’ lives and for providing unmatched customer service.”

Debra B., Patient

The SlingSlip®
Your Storage, Your Style, Your Shoulder Sling

The SlingSlip® is the innovative storage and fashion accessory that transforms your shoulder sling into a stylish and convenient interior storage option for your phone, keys, and other items. It is wearable with a wide variety of shoulder slings and can replace a purse or carrying bag. We are now offering custom SlingSlips!

NextSling Differentiators

Over the Shoulders

Eliminates the strain on the neck through equal load distribution to the shoulders and back.

Color Coded

Ease of use with putting on, taking off, and switching shoulders.

Biceps Cuff

Secures the patient’s arm from slipping and prevents typical thumb compression.

Back Pad

Distributes the load better across the back and shoulders, secures the sling to the body, and stabilizes the arm and shoulder.

Abduction &

Infinite angles, decreases tension on the repair, positions the arm optimally, and can be used for rotator cuff surgery. Abduction pillow optional.


Reduces the chance of developing bursitis in the elbow, which results from long-term traditional sling use.

Right or Left

Universal right or left side fit for ease of use and improved inventory management.


Unlimited adjustments to ensure that the shoulders, back, arm, wrist, and hand are comfortable, secure, and positioned for maximum recovery.

Infinite Adjustments, Rotation, & Abduction For Optimal Recovery & Rehab

The NextSling® rotates and abducts the arm at multiple angles utilizing the adjustable components, shoulder harness, and optional abduction pillow to ensure maximum recovery and comfortability. With all the NextSling adjustable components, you can remove the shoulder strap on the injured arm for additional rotation and still receive the benefits of the NextSling backpack system.

The NextSling® also allows for infinite adjustments to ensure that a patient’s shoulders, back, arm, wrist, and hand are comfortable, secure, and positioned for maximum recovery. With all the available adjustments, patients can switch between sizes for greater or less hand use on the injured limb based on optimal recovery.

shoulder surgery prehab guys


The NextSling provides enhanced recovery and improved rehabilitation compliance for our patients because of our innovative design! The NextSling immobilizes the shoulder and eliminates the strain on the neck through equal load distribution to the shoulders and back and is much more supportive and comfortable, while providing infinite positioning adjustments! This means that patients can perform exercises earlier in the rehabilitation process than with other slings, while still taking the necessary precautions, thus getting back to the things they love quicker!


“As a physical therapist, a common issue that comes up following shoulder surgery is neck pain that results from wearing a sling for several weeks. In addition to providing support and protection to a post operative shoulder, the NextSling is well designed to distribute force, and prevent excessive stress on the neck. Since I have started working with patients who’ve used this sling, complaints of neck pain have gone down significantly. This has been a huge help in contributing to a smooth rehabilitation process.”

Zeb Zigas

“We have recently begun using the NextSling for our patients that require upper extremity immobilization after surgery or injury. When indicated, proper immobilization is critical to allow injured or surgically repaired tissue to heal correctly. As a large physical therapy clinic that treats a high volume of post-operative shoulder cases, we have historically seen obstacles to patient compliance with regards to wearing their slings as prescribed. The NextSling has eliminated some of these obstacles, leading to improved patient compliance. We are expecting that improved compliance will translate into better long-term patient functional outcomes after surgery or injury.

Some of the more common complaints that we receive with traditional slings include: cervical and scapular pain from the single cervical strap, skin discomfort from the fabric of the sling, difficulty aligning the straps when removing or putting on the sling and reports of the arm slipping forward in the sling leading to hand and wrist pain. The NextSling has taken these factors into consideration with their design.

The NextSling uses a harness versus a neck strap which keeps with cervical spine and scapulae in a more comfortable neutral alignment. The material is breathable which decreases skin discomfort.  The NextSling buckles are color coded which makes it easier for patients to re-apply the sling after removing for showering or exercise. The NextSling also incorporates a biceps cuff which addresses the problems of sling malalignment. Both patients and physical therapists have reported to me their satisfaction with the NextSling over more traditional sling designs.”

William Hull
PT, OCS, Cert. MDT

“The NextSling provided excellent support, stability, and security when my shoulder needed it most. Thank you for helping out in my time of need.”

Ken R.

“I have had 2 surgeries on my right shoulder and recently a fractured left humerus, which required many screws and plates. I would have LOVED to use the NextSling to improve my recovery and comfort and will wear it proudly if ever needed. Thank you for creating a better shoulder sling!”

Camille T.
Nursing Manager

“Happy Friday!!!

Many thanks to NextSling for providing me with at opportunity to review their excellent product!!

As an orthopedic surgeon in private practice I have had the opportunity to use a large variety of the slings commonly available, and I routinely have to apply or adjust slings for patients I’ve treated. Many patients complain about their slings following shoulder injuries or surgery. One super frequent complaint is rubbing of the sling around the neck area. The NextSling completely negates this with use of a back and shoulder harness which is also much more supportive and comfortable. Weight is distributed more evenly across both shoulders.

Another complaint is difficulty putting the sling on or adjusting the position of the sling. The NextSling has easily adjusted straps and buckles, and has a color coded system to assist with quick application.

There are other niceties such as extra padding inside the sling under the elbow region and a removable foam pillow portion.

Overall an EXCELLENT product!!! Quick disclaimer/disclosure. I had not heard of the NextSling until seeing their product on social media and I have no involvement with their product. My views are my own after personally trying out their product! Please give their site a visit @NextSling or website”

Keith P. Johnson, M.D.

“I had two shoulder replacement surgeries, one on each shoulder, by Dr. E. Bieber. After the first (November 18, 2016) I was issued a standard sling. Just prior to the second surgery, (July 14, 2017), I was delighted to be fitted for my NextSling. Very cool! As a former backpacker, I instantly was drawn to the aesthetic of the clips that “click” into place and that secured my arm and stabilized my shoulder. I found it to be comfortable and felt that my shoulder was snugly in place, a feeling that made me feel safe and confident.

The NextSling is complimented by the SlingSlip, which has two added features: 1) it temporarily can replace your purse! I carried my travel wallet and keys in the SlingSlip, and 2) it provides a colorful stylish slip that adorns the sling!”

Carol Middlebrook

“Molly found the NextSling way more supportive and comfortable than the sling she was given at the hospital (and also the retail store purchased sling). She liked the way it made her back and shoulders straighter and kept her arms in tight. She felt it was way easier to bend and walk up and down steps in it. I could tell in her posture when she was wearing it how much better it was for her! Thank you for making a difference!”

Pia R.
Patient’s Mother

Fitting Instructions

Providers Putting On

Patients Putting On

Patients Taking Off

Switching Shoulders

Step 1

Slip the NextSling over your head.

Step 2

Remove the Velcro® on the biceps cuff and forearm and place the injured arm into the NextSling.

Step 3

Velcro® the forearm and biceps cuff and adjust all NextSling adjustable components for a snug and comfortable fit.

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The NextSling team believes in the power of working with rehabilitation specialists to create the best care team possible for our patients and have created a family of rehabilitation specialists to accomplish this.

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