EDX2 Mission

The EDX2 mission is to change the way medical products are developed and create major advances in patient care, recovery, and comfort by collaborating across the patient care team.

EDX2, the company behind the NextSling, is an orthopaedic, recovery, and rehabilitation products incubator that partners and works hand-in-hand with medical professionals across the country to design, incubate, manufacture, distribute, and fund next-generation rehabilitation orthopaedic medical products that make daily life more enjoyable.

We believe that how you live and spend your time is instrumental to having a fulfilling successful life and are creating innovative medical products to achieve these goals.

Health Advocates

The NextSling team works with patients and all members of the health care community to improve how we incubate and design our products.

In order to accomplish this goal, we have created a team of health advocates who believe passionately in our mission to build an organization that changes the way medical products are developed by collaborating across the patient care team.


The NextSling provides enhanced recovery and improved rehabilitation compliance for our patients because of our innovative design! The NextSling immobilizes the shoulder and eliminates the strain on the neck through equal load distribution to the shoulders and back and is much more supportive and comfortable, while providing infinite positioning adjustments! This means that patients can perform exercises earlier in the rehabilitation process than with other slings, while still taking the necessary precautions, thus getting back to the things they love quicker!

shoulder surgery prehab guys

Abduction Pillow Recycling Program

The NextSling team is proud to announce that we have initiated an abduction pillow recycling program. Many pillows that come with shoulder slings go unused and are thrown away; please join us as we take this step to reduce our carbon footprint. Thank you for making a difference!

Patient Education

The NextSling allows patients to avoid activation of the injured shoulder, while keeping other parts of the body moving. When performing scapular exercises, the NextSling back pad provides sensory feedback that enhances activation and helps ensure full range of motion of the scapular muscles, while allowing for a proper reset of the body to neutral in between repetitions to get the most out of the exercises. The support, positioning, and comfort of the NextSling also allows these exercises to be performed during the immobilization phase of healing. In regards to the neck, many patients suffer neck issues from standard slings, but with the NextSling, you can do neck exercises safely while wearing the NextSling, as it does not dig into your neck.

Multimedia Patient Education

Shoulder Conditions and Procedures

Sports Medicine

Fractures and Trauma

Arthroscopic Surgery

Edward Bieber, M.D., M.B.A.

Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery and also in Hand Surgery, Dr. Bieber graduated from Yale University and Georgetown University School of Medicine, and continued his orthopaedic training at Johns Hopkins University followed by a fellowship in hand and upper extremity at the Mayo Clinic. He is a consultant for hand and upper extremity surgery at the National Institutes of Health.

Dr. Bieber has served as Chairman of the Department of Surgery, Chairman of Orthopaedics, and Chairman of the Medical Staff at Suburban Hospital (a member of the Johns Hopkins Health System), as President of the Washington Orthopaedic Society, and as President of the Southeastern Hand Society.